Our People

Working Together. Working For Each Other.

Since its inception, TideSmart Global has enjoyed continued success because of the highly-capable, committed people that call Maine home. Many migrated to this beautiful place after successful stints at noteworthy corporations and big agencies in major cities; they come for quality of life reasons, but they bring their skills and expertise with them. Thankfully, once they find us, they tend to become a part of the family; our founders have worked together for 15 years (even prior to our founding), and many employees have been staff members for more than a decade. Successful recruitment and internship programs bring talented professionals and fresh thinking to this experienced core. Working together and for each other, we’ve built one of the most successful agency groups in the country.

Our Leadership Team


Steve Woods

During his 30-year career, in both agency and brand roles, Steve has experienced it all. TideSmart Global reflects the varied interests, diverse skill set and experiential focus of its leader and founder.


Kevin Joyce
Senior Vice President

After 16 years of experiential marketing, Kevin understands the importance of emotional connections. TideSmart Global builds them, with clients and for clients, under Kevin’s supervision.


Todd Friberg
Senior Vice President

After 18 years as an experiential designer and producer, Todd has created his share of (award-winning) experiences. TideSmart Global delivers with excellence, led by Todd’s efforts.


Maria Johnson
Vice President

Leveraging almost a decade of administrative leadership, Maria keeps TideSmart’s businesses compliant, its campus working and its employees happy.